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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."


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Whatever other titles Paul has been known by, whether as a Seeker, ManKind™ Project New Warrior, Masters Level Psychologist, Spiritual Teacher, Ecstatic Poet or even 'one temporarily lost in a corporate cubicle', Paul's passion has always remained the pursuit of awakening fully- to the bliss of breath inherent in each molecular moment and to simply be at ease with what is...
You are invited to join Paul on this blissful journey of awakening?

 "Meeting Paul Goldman’s ecstatic poetry is like stepping into outer space naked and unmistakably free."
Yaisha Vargas, Founder of the Mystic Poets Society

"Paul's poetry magnifies beautifully the essence of all we are as a human species."
 Donna Reese, Artist Author of An Extraordinary Trilogy Light Meditation, writes about Upon Your Canvas.  

"...echoes Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's point that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Goldman weaves words in a way that accentuates our collective journey...Silence Speaks is a surgeon's scalpel, opening mysteries and illusions for all those who believe enough to see."
K.W. Peery, Americana Poet
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Deconstructing Overwhelm
  •  9/18/2022 07:25 AM

Poem: Deconstructing Overwhelm 9/18/2022

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This S#*T IS Real
  •  8/5/2022 06:34 AM

One man's journey with Parkinson's.

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Parkinson's, Where Am I?
  •  6/18/2022 07:49 AM

One man's journey with Parkinson's to live his best and blessed life.

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Have You Heard
  •  5/19/2022 11:10 AM

One man's journey with Parkinson's.

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Over the last ten years, Ecstatic Poet Paul Goldman has produced a Spoken Word CD and five collections of poetry, each filled with a yearning for your own soul to awaken, to blossom and to know-beyond a shadow of a doubt-that you are loved Divine at depth simply for who you are Convenient Paypal purchase information at bottom of Collected Works offerings.

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