08 Jul

Shaky Foot Wisdom 


A Sacred World 

July 8, 2021 

To find peace and my place in a sacred world, I must make peace frequently with just having a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.  I choose whether Parkinson’s defines me, no one else. Much has been written about this concept of differentiating between I have a disease and I am this disease.  

I have the privilege to choose.  Emphatically, I choose to acknowledge that I have Parkinson’s and that I am not this disease.  And in choosing also to thrive in a sacred world, I take hold of the reins of choice to the best of my ability.  

Choice is the key to the kingdom of the life you and I are gifted to create. That kingdom sacred lies not in some far away as of yet undiscovered mountain Shangri-la, yet right here right now. 

I have an old friend who has been a therapist for many years.  One of her favorite sayings is ‘that feelings are like burps, they just have to come up’. So it is with both symptoms and emotions too. I am to acknowledge whatever comes up, be it pain, tremor, fear, sadness, anger and a host of other physical symptoms and emotions.  In acknowledging each, the trick is to not to ‘camp out’ there for a long time. 

Say hello, feel the feeling, assuage the pain, and then visualize as a passing cloud being carried away by the friendly wind.  I choose where my attention stays.  And I choose to be a part of creating a sacred world by my own actions.

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