24 Jul

Shaky Foot Wisdom 


An Uncertain Year 

July 24, 2021 

I find myself counting the days and marking time as somehow it is nearly one year since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and it has been sixteen days since I placed myself in this desk chair with keys poised upon the keyboard to see if I had something worth writing.  Lastly, Monday will be my sixty-ninth birthday. 

Being sixty-nine years old in two days seems as improbable as having Parkinson’s.  Yet, each day remains a gift, no matter whether my hip pain keeps me from wanting to engage in exercise.  I am grateful for the nerve ablation at L4 S1 performed over a week ago that has granted me more than a bit of pain relief so that I was able last week to do Rock Steady Boxing™ one day and Water Aerobics on two days. 

As always, change remains the only constant.  My neurologist has left his practice and next month I begin seeing a new neurologist.  I am curious to see if he has any different recommendations for treatment, perhaps another innovation to alleviate the stiffness and pain that each new morning brings upon awakening. 

I suppose most days too, I still do not feel inspired to stop and sit here to see if my creative processes are being stirred enough to offer something meaningful, something inspirational.  In that may be the only inspiration needed, a reminder to both be gentle with myself and to allow myself these moments of sitting with fingers poised. 

Perhaps a new insight will manifest.  Patience, gentle patience is the key.

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