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Shaky Foot Wisdom 


Best Day 

May 20, 2021

I attempted to write here a couple of days ago and what I wrote struck me as flat.  It came across as a reporter stating the facts and the evidence.  That is not what keeps me moving on through my best day. I used this event as another learning experience. 

I see clearly again what has me leaping onward and upward each day!  When my heart is fully engaged in living fully no matter what, I find that I am in the midst of my BEST DAY. 

Whether I have hip pain that barks at times like a German Shepard or lessens and only whines like a Toy Poodle, it is what I bring to each experience.  For me, being unstoppable is mostly a blessing.  Pushing through and being aware of when I need to hit the pause button is a lesson of self-care still being learned. 

So, on I go into each day knowing it is my BEST DAY, whether sitting in a chair staring ahead at the flicker of some TV program (which I yet try to avoid too much of), engaging in Rock Steady Boxing™, participating in Water Aerobics, doing word puzzles, or even playing Texas Holdem for free online. 

Though inactivity is not the enemy as much as not having my heart fully engaged in whatever I am doing.  Perhaps this is where mindfulness comes into play.  For with a grateful heart, I can be mindful of my blessings which are ever present no matter how I am feeling physically or emotionally. 

The lesson here, for me, is to try and remember how I feel when my heart is fully engaged in whatever I am doing.  Now, I know again that this is the magic key to living my BEST DAY, living from my fully engaged heart.

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