11 Nov

Shaky Foot Wisdom 

XLI. Ch-ch-ch-Changes 

November 11, 2021   

I can assure you that the Parkinson’s path has numerous exits and detours along the way. Rock Steady Boxing™ may still be an option after latest treatment for hand swelling going on now for the past three months even without attending Rock Steady Boxing™. Finally, after a third doctor, the diagnosis is trigger finger affecting my index and middle fingers. 

Daytime wraps, nighttime finger splints and physical therapy for four weeks is the prescription. And there is hope on the horizon as once the swelling is resolved, my Occupational Therapist Caitlin thinks that with proper hand wrapping I can safely resume Rock Steady Boxing™. I look forward to this opportunity with boundless joy!

This new treatment came after once again grabbing my Parkinson’s medical treatment by the bull’s horns. Frustrated with my replacement neurologist thrust upon me only after my initial neurologist left the practice, I reached out to a good friend to see who his wife, a Parkinson’s patient, had for her neurologist. The answer would bring instant relief. I immediately was able to schedule an appointment with my new neurologist.

 In one visit, I had easy answers to my questions and a three-pronged approach to sleeping issues and a referral to the right Orthopedic physician. 

Like any ongoing medical condition, Parkinson’s patients have to be their best advocate. Do what I did. If you are unhappy with an unresponsive detached neurologist, seek out referrals to a more thorough caring practitioner as I did and I assure you, this will change both your Parkinson’s journey and your life! 

The ch-ch-ch-changes will come.  I just have to keep my head up to quite literally see where I am going.  Be well my friends, express love to those you care about, and create your own daily gratitude list. Keep asking for what I want is way up on my daily gratitude list! 

We can do this!

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