18 Sep

Shaky Foot Wisdom


September 18, 2022

Again, seven weeks has passed with an upheaval of up and down. I am able to deliver good news today!

I have completed LSVT BIG physical and occupational therapy program that has yielded the hoped for results, a return to Rock Steady Boxing™.

I have begun monthly participation in an online group, Poetry as Medicine, sponsored by the Davis Phinney Foundation, an excellent resource for all things Parkinson's related.

In part, due to this group, I have been attempting to write poetry related to Parkinson's.  Here is today's:

Deconstructing Overwhelm 

A package I had long dreaded arrived 

without email or text message to advise 

beforehand of there being a delivery on 

my doorstep. 

Even though I could not recall placing 

the order, the shipper’s name told me 

everything I needed to know, Parkinson’s 


The package must have gone through 

all kind of hell and turmoil just to 

get here when it did.  With more care 

then I possessed, I peeled back 

the raggedy taped edges of the huge 

box and removed the wadded paper 

and bubble wrap.  The remainder 

was a small vacuum sealed plastic 

container labeled simply, overwhelm. 

Assuming my task was to remove 

its contents, I at first attempted 

to read the fine print instructions 

written in some combination of 

archaic hieroglyphics and a written 

language I no longer recognized. 

I decided to sit a moment to 

catch my breath, knowing 

that deconstructing overwhelm, 

would have to wait, 

for one more day.

©Paul Goldman September 18, 2022

[#aiart via NightCafe, Deconstructing Overwhelm by Paul Goldman]

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