19 Jul

Eight years ago, I awoke from lifesaving open-heart surgery and I was awake, 'woke', ready to share the message that each one of us is loved beyond measure as the whole and perfect creation of the Beloved that we each are. These messages of the Beloved are coming ever more fervently to quicken our own knowing of who each of us is as a child Divine. You and I embarked on this soul journey this time to simply unfold all the beauty we are. There is a one who yet speaks to me in the silence delivering these messages of a deep yearning, Rumi, Hafez, Tukaram, St. Teresa of Avila, or perhaps simply source, the Very Beloved. 

My quickened mission is to spread the holiness of awakening, so that each of you may at last embrace yourselves as the marvelous creations of a Creator Divine who is always well-pleased with you.

As the witness to the Beloved's rush of words, I am here to tell that each of us is loved beyond measure and despite, at times, appearances to the opposite, we are love, pure love.  Come explore with me the love that you and I are and experience your own singular magnificent transformation!

From the collection, Silence Speaks, the poem,

Blue Entanglement begins:

One instant walking.

While in the next moment comes

the unfolding of wings,

becoming aloft, taking flight,

gliding in the clear blue,

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