06 Aug

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Engaged Again!

August 6, 2021 

Engagement! What?

No, I am not speaking of the romantic notion of having become engaged again.  True enough, I have fallen in love with myself all over again and have renewed my engagement in my own health and wellbeing.

Though still experiencing hip, leg and low back pain, the back procedure a few weeks ago has improved my mobility quite a bit, to the extent that the week before this one I attended four workout sessions and now have just finished five workout sessions this week, 3 Rock Steady Boxing™ and 2 Water Aerobics.

This alone has left me feeling quite accomplished and rather proud of gently pushing my stamina.  Concurrently, I found out about another valuable source of information on Parkinson’s at https://davisphinneyfoundation.org/ and have found their book, Every Victory Counts, quite helpful.

An important thing they wrote was how important it is for people living with Parkinson’s to be proactive, i.e., taking charge of their own care and health to the extent one can.  This thought alone jumpstarted me as though my battery had been only half-charged for awhile and when combined with a fine discussion of the importance of diet, led me somewhat more willingly than in the past, to changing what I eat.

My wife, Dawn, is a willing partner in our newly adapted plan of eating well.  And I think we are being smarter about this than before. Instead of just buying healthy unprocessed foods and then trying to figure out what to make, we choose recipes from a Mediterranean Diet cookbook and buy just the ingredients needed for three or four meals for the week.

So, this week has me more engaged in working out and also in eating delicious meals that leave me feeling better too.  If you have a chance to get engaged again (in your own wellbeing), I say jump at it! Take the leap into feeling as good as you can. You will thank yourself!

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