08 Sep

Shaky Foot Wisdom 


Holy Wrist Sprain

September 8, 2021 

Last we left our intrepid Parkinson’s fighter, me, I had become reenergized to engage vigorously in Rock Steady Boxing™ and Water Aerobics.  Within a week I was again knocked out of my workout routine by having a right wrist sprain. I can only type by taking the wrist brace off and silently shouting ouch numerous times. 

Keeping active has been the best tactic to keep the Parkinson’s doldrums at bay and now I find myself again sidelined now for three weeks with perhaps three more weeks of healing to go. 

In the meantime, still in the midst of Parkinson’s, I have had to deal with a less than helpful medical community at times.  Fortunately, I have learned by now to keep asking for what I want. 

What’s next? Will I be able to do Rock Steady Boxing™ and Water Aerobics?  Pretty clear I will return to Water Aerobics, not sure about the boxing.  Maybe I will try Tai Chi. 

I am grateful always for having a gratitude practice to keep me a bit saner than these setbacks normally would.  Eye on the ball, nose to the grindstone and thankful for the bounty I have, I am keeping my head high.

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