04 May

Shaky Foot Wisdom 


Move Me 

May 4, 2021 

I am here now at the precipice of this next phase and, surprising even to myself, I have found the passion and desire sufficient to engage again in Rock Steady Boxing™ and additionally Water Aerobics.  Both are offered at my local Jewish Community Center. 

I credit my wife, Dawn, with blessing me on how to find the energy to engage in these activities as well as a return to reading for pleasure.  Her simple act of give away was in encouraging me to finally retire from the world of Customer Service, which is too oft fraught with interactions by phone with unhappy people. I joke now how she figuratively said, “Hold my beer, I got this.” Humbly, she denies doing anything so dramatic, yet I am ever grateful for her urging me to retire one last time. 

This has been the balm to my soul, the generator to my desire that I had these many months sought.  Though still fatigued from not sleeping well at night, I do have more energy to get myself moving once more. 

I took to the Water Aerobics like a duck to water and actually enjoyed the benefits of exercise in the pool.  Tomorrow begins my first participation in Rock Steady Boxing™ and I am eager to begin again. 

Though the list of physiological and psychological changes, are many for those of us who encounter Parkinson’s Disease on a daily basis, I am here to testify that what is working for me is facing my diagnosis, as I have done since August 2020, head on.  It has taken me a while to figure out that working even part-time from home was not in my best interest.  Freed from what had become an unnecessary burden leaves me more energy to devote to taking care of my own wellbeing. 

Onward and upward is my byword today.  Let’s get moving!

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