10 Oct

Shaky Foot Wisdom


No Pain No Gain

 (In Memoriam of Jim M, a PD fighter and coach)

October 10, 2021

In the Zen tradition is the remembering that no matter what is going on in our lives, we are always to “chop wood, carry water…”  As we go about our daily lives so much may be happening, and this reminder is to call us back to our center. 

So, it seems my Parkinson’s journey has been a coming to know who I am in the midst of yet another setback. Forgetting that though I easily move about on most days, there are moments that require that I be more mindful of each step I take. Easily forgotten, when I have had to grab Lexi cat to try to move her quickly from carpet to tile, so that her mess could be easily cleaned up.

And there I was on the floor in what seemed like an instant of slow motion falling while Lexi flew through the air—able to softly land on all fours—as I landed hard on left elbow and hip. At first, my only thought was that I had surely broken or shattered my hip. On first arising from this fall through the hip pain, I realized that I could walk with a limp and put weight on my left hip. 

Fortunately, I was able to see a doctor that afternoon to confirm with x-rays of left elbow and hip, that nothing was broken. The good doctor’s diagnosis was a pulled hamstring and prescription to diligently apply an ice pack to the hip, elevate my leg, and rest. While this again took me away from my regimen of Rock Steady Boxing ™ and Water Aerobics, I am hopeful that within this next week, I can return to exercising.

 “Chop wood, carry water…chop wood, carry water…” for me now more than ever requires that in all things I be mindful of each footstep and remember also that where Lexi hurls is not worth the pain to ensue if I ignore where my feet are falling. I once more release the mantra no pain no gain with a tempered melody of Left Foot, Right Foot, Left Foot, Right Foot.

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