19 Apr

Shaky Foot Wisdom XXX. 

One Foot, Left Foot, Right Foot 

April 19, 2021 

When we last left off this fascinating saga of my Parkinson’s journey, I was awash in my dear friend Imogene’s admonition to keep on by ‘putting one foot in front of another’. 

Well, here I am with what some Parkinson’s fighters may recognize, a foggy brain after dealing with a morass of details in filing an application for financial assistance for an expensive medication.  Who knew the simplest details could lead to a state of overwhelm, warning signs flashing system overload, system overload, system overload, syst…!!!! 

Oh, and that motivation to do anything, something, even get up and move my body, this still flounders like an ocean fish out of water. 

I hear our local Community Center indoor pool has opened, when I can push past this massive sense of inertia, I know I will find delight in at least walking pool laps and splashing about like a whale beached way too long. 

Then, there is yet remaining the part-time hours working from home for the bank talking with credit card consumers about their issues, less than a delight I can assure you.  On some days it seems to take a huge effort even to fake being pleasant with at times unpleasant people. 

Still, with many symptoms at bay, I remain grateful for being immersed in each day, however it feels, and I know that as the return to sustained warmer weather is yet on the horizon, my sagging spirits will somewhat lift.

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