21 Jun

Shaky Foot Wisdom 


One Wild and Precious Life 

June 21, 2021 

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do  

 with your one wild and precious life?”          

~Mary Oliver 

Contemplating almost one year since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, this brilliant quote from the poet Mary Oliver has become yet more compelling.  For each of us the question of “what now” is I am certain being asked many times. 

Yes, each day arrives unexpected, will symptoms be in the background or foreground?  Will I be able to do that which brings me the greatest joy, or will I instead need to be aware of the moments that recall the times of feeling the wildest joy? 

For now, hip pain is preventing me from participating in Rock Steady Boxing™ and to some extent even Water Aerobics.  So, I wait for the time it takes to receive treatment over the next forty-five days to pass and hopefully return to exercising again. 

What now then do I do with my “one wild and precious life”?  Perhaps the ponderance of this question will reveal new answers or even a deeper understanding of what I already know. 

For today, recognizing the fleeting familiar glimpses of joy and acknowledging each as old friends who have come only to brighten my day, is my task.

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