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Parkinson’s, Where Am I? 

June 18, 2022 

I am approaching the two-year anniversary of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s and the roller coast ride has been wild, my hands thrown up on the downswing and by breath held on the high climb.

 Non-motor symptoms like difficulty sleeping from August 2020 all the way to March 2022 when that was resolved by the intervention of Trazodone and being prescribed a CPAP machine for Severe Sleep Apnea. As I have written about with having more restful sleep throughout the night, my creativity has wildly returned. 

Were that the end of the story for now, I would stop here. 

Sadly, muscle pain in shoulder, back, hands, hips, legs, and feet have exacerbated further keeping me from doing any exercise including the Rock Steady Boxing™ I loved. With this is a change in motor symptoms as well. I am now experiencing changes in gait with legs moving stiffly and wobbly during the day and legs feeling heavy in the evening as if gravity itself has risen and/or that I am wearing concrete shoes. Of course, these physical symptoms are leaving me feeling more sad than happy too.

That being said, I am complaining a bit more and yet still taking whatever action steps I can to live my best and blessed life. First, I have been to see my Orthopedic doctor who referred me to pain management. I have undergone in the past month a Nerve Ablation in low back and an epidural block in my neck. While these treatments are giving me partial relief, I will be seeing my Neurologist as well to see what treatments might be changed. 

Lastly, and this may be a more divergent path than some are willing to consider. I have conducted a thorough review of the latest research on microdosing an ancient plant medicine, psilocybin, to create new neural pathways. Building on the successful use of microdosing with PTSD, Depression and Anxiety, current microdosing clinical studies are currently ongoing for the treatment of Parkinson’s. If this speaks to you, I would be happy to send you links to this information.

 Especially with this last piece of the puzzle in place soon, I am excited to see how this opens new doors of perception to live my best and blessed life while living with Parkinson’s. May you find the path that works best for you.

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