10 Jan

Shaky Foot Wisdom 


Pass the Science Please With a Side of Inspiration    

January 10, 2021   

I have enthusiastically enrolled in an International Genetic Investigational Study involved in researching to discover any genetic markers for Parkinson’s Disease across six different specific genes.  I am happy and wholeheartedly grateful to lend my body to science. 

In my initial study interview, I again spoke to my belief that this is the ‘best’ time to have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease as there has never been a time when so much research has been ongoing, even with trials for potential treatment medications and modalities. 

With foot and leg tremors held mostly at bay via medication, I am indeed lucky in many ways that my other symptoms are mostly manageable. As I listen to John Lennon’s music in the background, I am sitting with immense gratitude for also participating in a White Stone Ceremony.  Many faiths and tradition celebrate and ring in the New Year with a proclamation or resolutions for the coming year.  The Unity movement has a White Stone Ceremony with a process of entering into meditation as if one is going into deep still waters and in the stillness listening with only inner ears to the one word that arises. 

The word for me this day and for this year is HEAL. This is to be inscribed upon a blank white stone or in the time of not gathering together physically, written upon a piece of paper. 

My intellectual self, of course, asked for more definition. What I heard was that all of these words: heal, healer, healing, wholly and holy healed, are included in the word HEAL. 

I cannot help smiling to be sitting here comfortably at the crossroads of science and inspiration.  Despite outer appearances much to the contrary, this New Year 2021 will be a magnificent time for all to HEAL.

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