22 Sep

Shaky Foot Wisdom 


Seeing Through New Eyes 

September 22, 2021 

Sometimes, making one singular change can make a world of difference as I now type with minimal pain.  After over a month of medical folks guessing what to do with my hand, injured at Rock Steady Boxing™, I finally found a wonderful Nurse Practitioner at another facility who provided two corticosteroid injections in my hand, just below the middle and index fingers. 

Already, I have begun exercise programs once again.  Just yesterday, I attended my first twenty-four form Tai Chi class and tomorrow will restart Water Aerobics.  I do miss Rock Steady Boxing™ yet am not sure risking another injury to hand or hip is worth it. 

Concurrently, my new neurologist has adjusted medications, adding one new medication at bedtime to assist with sleep, mood, and pain ongoing and dropping another two medications no longer needed. And just today, I picked up new glasses, one for daily wear and one for computer use. 

To say that I am literally seeing through new eyes, is an understatement.  To be mostly pain free after five weeks is a godsend and when combined with new glasses, I am a bit more ‘walking on sunshine’.  This confirms what I have experienced before, the more active I can be in my daily routine, the better I feel all the way around. 

I imagine this is not the last incident of losing my bearings on this Parkinson’s journey.  Hopefully, I will remember just how wonderful it is to move past these annoying little speed bumps next time. 

For now, back to keeping on and on…

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