05 Aug

Shaky Foot Wisdom


August 4, 2020


Dear Friends,

Today's Shaky Foot Wisdom this day, is just a pronouncement of the previous pronouncement. The second opinion appointment was not until September 16, 2020. Late yesterday there was a cancellation and an appointment opened up this morning at 8am.

There is NO doubt that the symptoms I am experiencing are indicative of Parkinson's Disease. Though traditional medicine is still not as open to a holistic approach, I am and I am already adding to my daily wellness regimen supplements, herbs, diet and movement therapies.

I am again(though in truth this is an ongoing process) cycling through the stages of grief and I am sad to the core right now about an uncertain future and yet I know the future in so many ways.

I am thankful to have now reduced work hours though jumping on the phones in my WFH job soon feels like picking a whale in one hand and a walrus in the other.

May peace envelop me and you.

May a mighty love be our guidepost.

Rock Steady.

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