30 Aug

Shaky Foot Wisdom 


August 30, 2020

The One and Not the One


Hello Parkinson’s.  I want you to know, I am the One and I am not the One.  I am not the body going through this process of illness, I am not the mind trying to make sense of that which cannot be comprehended.

No, I am something greater, perhaps a spark Divine or a collision of molecules in space and time that give the solid illusion of personhood or just the random stream of consciousness that now and then gets stuck in time like playing the same record over and over.

The tune is so familiar that I often get lulled and fooled into believing I am limited to that which I perceive.  I seek no less than to approach life from a stand of not knowing, of experiencing the events around me as not my experience, just a thought, an emotion, or even an event going on around me.

Imagine with me the freedom of not being swayed by circumstance.  The thought waves passing by.  The emotion too, floats by a on cloud serene.  The harder letting go is being the witness to human beings doing all manner of atrocities to each other through the misguided belief that ‘the other’ even exists when in reality ‘the other’ is only another One and Not One.

We are all interconnected to each other, one to one, what happens to one truly happens to all. I fondly remember an early Star Trek episode where the aliens or Not I lived in peace realizing they as a collective rise or fall subject to the love for each other.

I am the One and I am not the One, no longer attached to experience for I float in a Sargasso Sea of calm, where only water touches the droplets of my own being, each droplet merging with each droplet.  I am only One droplet among many.

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