14 Aug

Shaky Foot Wisdom


August 14, 2020

Cutting Back for New Growth

A time comes when it may be necessary to cut back the vibrant green bush to expose old wood and make way for new growth.  So too, this time of my life is a reevaluation of what stays in my life and what goes.

This is not a time for parsing truth out of massive bits and bytes, rather for culling out the miniscule and the unnecessary.  I want it all broken down into easily swallowed and digestible portions.  If you come to me with complexity and reenactments of drama, I am not interested.

Simplify and glorify is my motto now. All must pass the muster of my test question, “does this add or subtract to the quality of my life?”

Simplicity is all I seek. 

Whether it be the awestruck inspiration of witnessing the death and rebirth of an evergreen or the happenstance peek of a rainbow across sunsetting sky, I want to stop, breathe and take it all in, not the science of it-though that too is a mystery to be revered-yet to feel the scintillating vibration of my own cells coming alive and dancing.

Yes, to feel that alive, to take each moment as if I am so deeply immersed that I am dancing atop the point of a pin, is what I am about now.  Set aside all else, for experience is where I come alive.

If you look out my window and see the dying wood exposed, do not mourn, for I am actuating new growth, for the many years ahead.

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