19 Aug

Shaky Foot Wisdom


August 19, 2020

Cognition Ignition

I have up until now been content to be unaware of cognition operating in the background unnoticed.  In the land of Parkinson’s now, I am keenly aware of the need to exercise my mind as much as I am putting my body through the paces of Rock Steady Boxing™.

So, here I am today taking my brain out for a walk through the pages of Brain Maze and Word Search puzzles.  Soon my brain will not even need a leash as it will be able to follow simple commands.

And don’t even get me started on all the wonderful floor exercises I do to raise left leg simultaneously to lifting right hand, then right leg/left hand.  Some may have in the past wondered if I ever knew my left hand from my right hand, and now I am having the immense pleasure of reacquainting these appendages, one to another.

Are you old enough to remember shiny silver toggle switches to turn on a piece of machinery?

Well, that is what I am acutely aware of now, the need to prime the pump of my cognition, then when ready toggle the switch to fire cognition’s ignition.

How I feel about this right now can best be summed up with a recent quote from Michelle Obama, “…It is what it is.”  Like any ongoing situation, I am here being present one day at a time, finding the small joys and pleasures that can be grasped in moments.

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