22 Aug

Shaky Foot Wisdom


August 22, 2020

Oy, My Gut!


Listen to our gut, something we were often advised. If only I knew to listen when symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease first were heard in a then medical vacuum.  Funny, it is the first thing my friend Greg had said was that it all begins in the gut due to the gut to brain connection.

Now, I read in Scientific American an article from just two years ago that several investigators are researching the gut to brain connection.  Interesting that possible precursors for Parkinson’s Disease may have been with me for years and years in both a 1980s diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis and a 1990s diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease.  The oddity in both of these has been a longtime complete remission with no lasting ill effects. For that alone, I am incredibly grateful.

Now the question arises, what if they knew then to look at whether this was indicative of a future turning on of a genetic marker for having Parkinson’s Disease?  What if?

I guess rather than play the oh so tempting what if game, I choose to see the good news for a time coming when other people can be diagnosed as having a precursor for developing Parkinson’s Disease and perhaps a treatment to turn off the responsible gene.

Today, I am committed to living my best and healthiest life for a long time to come through my commitment to Rock Steady Boxing™, Mat Pilates, dietary changes and any other modalities that might be beneficial.

Through all the emotional ups and downs of this, I am fortunate too to not be facing this alone as I have my best friend in my spouse Dawn ever present boosting my spirits and my ability to remain positive and hopeful for the future. For now, that is more than enough, cherishing each day as fresh, and filled with newly unfolding possibilities unbridled.

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