24 Sep

Shaky Foot Wisdom


September 24, 2020



Not quite as significant as Homo Erectus discovering fire a million years ago, yet with fresh eyes and less attachment to my own ego, I realize anew that my world does not revolve around me.  Rather, it is I that revolves around a world which I am a part of.

Removing the concept or iteration of me out of the equation creates an awareness of a vast emptiness containing the molecular pool of existence that I orbit around.  As if I am staring into an encampment fire watching at first as an owl appears in ash than in the next instant a panther springing from the glow of embers, I sit here often watching and witnessing.

Beyond hum drum life, drone of news hawking the end times and an aura of OMG what is next, I find a peace, a contentment, a knowing that this is the reason I am here.  Whether spelunking in the deep moist caverns of psyche attempting to determine or even remember whether it is stalactites or stalagmites that drop from the ceiling, I realize that to put it simply, I am okay.

Though through the years ahead, I am aware of the potential changes in physicality as my body journey’s through Parkinson’s with me. For now, in this moment, I have a dear partner in Dawn who is fully present with me twenty-four seven, and this is more than enough. I am grateful that even with the passing of twenty-seven plus years together, she has found a new deep and abiding well of kindness, patience, and love.

The doorway is before me and open wide.

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