03 Oct

Shaky Foot Wisdom


October 3, 2020

Rewind. Reset. Repeat


Unconsciously, the directions are given rewind, reset, repeat. This happens beyond my awareness. I only do what I know to do, tackle the next thing.  Exercise has been the first item on my Parkinson’s wellness plan.

Diligently I engaged in Rock Steady Boxing™ and Mat Pilates to prepare my body for any changes already occurring and those that might visit me down the road.  All went well until I-like a Rockette- attempted a left leg kick to the body bag. An immediate ouch informed me of my mistake.

Rewind. Reset. Next, I engaged in physical therapy for four weeks preparing myself to reset and regain both the physiological and psychological benefits of exercise.  Then came the first return to moving and stretching the body through a Yoga class.  Success! I was elated.  Then came time for my return to Rock Steady Boxing™, I was feeling anxious.

Just before this class, as I was doing stretches to prepare, a rush of movement sensation from side to side then front to back had me reaching out to grab onto something to try to steady myself.  Fortunately, after thirty minutes, the feeling of unbalance subsided.

Rewind. Reset. Repeat.

Apparently, all of these myriad symptoms I have had over the years may have been card carrying members belonging to the same Parkinson’s union.  Now, add vertigo or dizziness to the list.  If any of you have ever experienced bouts of vertigo, you know the nature of this beast.

All I can do now is rewind, reset and repeat.

Until next time.

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