13 Oct

Shaky Foot Wisdom


October 13, 2020

Inside the Flip Side


Today, I am on the flip slide of the valley of eternal happiness.

Here the flowers have forgotten how to grow though the sun still shines.

I wander, I wonder, I know there is another path. I go now to the long-ago woods inhabiting the secret garden within me.  As my outer eyes close, I am walking a well-lit path flowing and glowing with love, with peace and with comfort.

I easily come to a clearing in the forest green and am delighted the fairies and sprites have been waiting for me to return.  The blazing multicolored fields of wildflowers are singing and dancing too as I begin to lie down. I feel the strong pull to lay here awhile longer. Nothing disturbs me here as all is in sync.  I feel at one with every sparkling molecule.  This is my home.

I wander, I wonder. I know there is another path.

I remember when there is no place left to roam, to return to my secret garden.

Inside the flip side, content to remain here awhile longer, my eyes open upon an improbable path just off the spectacular clearing.  I am drawn to the gentle pull of ocean’s tide as I step through the green onto a sandy beach leading still to a deep blue ocean.  Just ahead out of water’s reach, lay a bed of silken rose petals. Surely there can be no better way to spend the day, than lying down in the soft bed, lulling me to slumber as the waves whisper to each other.

I must remember this, all of this, when the days arise on the flip side of eternal happiness.

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