21 Oct

Shaky Foot Wisdom


October 21, 2020

Which Moment Matters Most?


If I am a china teacup, then there is a point at which the teapot must stop pouring.  I realize I have the power to stop filling up the cup-before it overflows. This symptom or that symptom manifesting or not needs to remain as no more than a cloud passing by.

I benefit the most from keeping my focus on the present moment, for it is indeed the only moment that matters.  In this moment, nothing is going on other than this moment. Like an intricately woven tapestry, each moment becomes a precious thread that weaves the mosaic that is my life.

It is when I become overwhelmed by moments, that the tea spills from the cup and I find myself disturbed by the smallest of inconveniences and forget that in my world, nothing ever goes wrong.  For the world I inhabit is working for me not against me.

I am at my best when I remember which moment matters most and I return to living breath by breath.  Releasing, relaxing into remembering how to navigate the turbulent waters of Parkinson’s, I find myself at another still point.

Moment by moment then I find the calm I seek.  And when I forget, for I do, there is always present another moment and another…

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