28 Nov

Shaky Foot Wisdom XX. 

November 28, 2020 

The Ask and The Reply   

Where this story last left off, the ‘monster was on the run’ and I was quite relieved. 

Relief now has expanded and joy, my old friend, has come more often to visit and remind me of the limitless well of gratitude I feel for every aspect of my life, and even yes for a Parkinson’s diagnosis.  I am slowing down to appreciate all the good in my life.  In pushing myself at work I hit a breakpoint and that is where I discovered yet again the miracle of asking for what I want, stripped as bare as possible of expectations. 

Just a wee bit of more effort for another six weeks of full-time training and I will be settled back into my part-time routine doing work that does not demand as much out of me.  I am grateful that in asking for what I want, a solution was easily and almost effortlessly offered. 

What has arisen, especially in working full-time now for four weeks and anticipating another five weeks before a return to part-time work, is an all abiding sense of fatigue, perhaps due to Parkinson’s and perhaps exacerbated by several medications. 

In the midst of all of this, I like the rest of the world have been immersed in a COVID-19 Pandemic which has left many of us confused, isolated and weary.  Were it not for my soul connection with my beloved Dawn, I may not have coped with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s in the midst of a now nearly nine-month Pandemic. 

We have actually thrived in working from home these many months and I cannot imagine a return to an office work routine again. What I lean into now is a growing sense that there are forces far beyond myself guiding me atop the life raft that is my life.  I am ever afloat in calm seas with my eyes fixed upon a widening horizon.

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