23 Dec

Shaky Foot Wisdom XXII. 

Parkinson’s Meets the Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter

December 23, 2020 

A funny thing has happened on this rapid ride to the new year of 2021.  At the precise moment when Saturn and Jupiter were in conjunction one with the other, I experienced a new lightness of being as if the entire Earth’s gravity had become less dense. 

I feel better than I have in a long time since receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease August 4, 2020.  If I did not have physical symptoms to persist, I would jump up and down while shouting hip hooray.  I may just do that anyway!  My stamina is the best it has been in months. I do not get as fatigued when working and am actually finding enjoyment and satisfaction in the work I do.  Which is saying a lot for customer service work for credit card accounts. 

I am more aware and awake to the possibilities I create for myself and others through simple acts of kindness, even a smile or laugh conveyed on the phone. Of course, it helps that the political climate is yet shifting to a long hoped for better direction and two vaccines are coming out to fight the dreaded Pandemic.

 I just reconnected with an old friend with his own health issues who, with yet a twinkle in his eyes, said he thinks we will all be dead by the end of 2021 or 2022.  I responded that there are in actuality two possibilities to consider.  One was as my friend implied and earlier sung by the singer-songwriter Barry McGuire, “we are on the eve of destruction, my friend” or two, since we are actually now entering the Age of Aquarius, the Fifth Dimension’s prophetic singing that we are now seeing the “dawning of the age of Aquarius” may be a more likely outcome. 

With weightlessness, I am rebounding.

[photo © Getty / Vidmar Fernandes]  

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