21 Oct

Shaky Foot Wisdom XLI. 

The Long and Winding Road 

October 21, 2021  

“But still they lead me back to the long winding road 

You left me standing here, a long long time ago 

Don't keep me waiting here (Don't keep me waiting), 

lead me to your door 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” 

John Winston Lennon and Paul James McCartney 

Fourteen months into my Parkinson’s journey I am keenly aware that I am on a long and winding road looking for that which will ‘lead me to your door’.  After a second series of injections in my right hand in the past six weeks, I have come to the difficult conclusion that Rock Steady Boxing™ may not be right for me as I once more regroup to try a new exercise regimen which hopefully will include a return to early morning Water Aerobics. 

Though I am fortunate that my ability to walk and move around has not been an issue, I recently was reminded of just how mindful I need to be. Anybody who has a cat in their home will identify with what happened recently. My cat, Lexi, has furballs at times and finds herself hurling, usually on the carpet. In my picking her up in an attempt to get her to the tile kitchen floor, my feet must have gone faster than the rest of my body as my cat went flying out of my arms and I landed flat on my left elbow and backside of hip. Thankfully, nothing was broken, and I have recovered fairly quickly. 

Though I continue to experience periodic physical setbacks, I am pleased to be experiencing a brighter mood on many days which tells me that many different things that I am doing are actually having cumulative results.  I am grateful that I have no problem asking for what I want from my neurologist though the practice is slower to move with new recommendations than I would like. Perhaps the medication that was added for pain, sleep and mood in the past six weeks is on target. 

Most of all, I remain grateful for each of the moments of living that still take my breath away and I am especially grateful to daily list what I am thankful for that day. An old friend once gave me a piece of advice that yet lives with me, affirming: ‘if not this, then something better.’ Let this be my guide as ‘they lead me back to the long and winding road’.

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