27 Apr

Shaky Foot Wisdom 


This is It! 

April 27, 2022  

Over three weeks out since my last post and I am still doing remarkably well with the exception of still not being able to engage in Rock Steady Boxing™ due to what I have self-diagnosed as systemic inflammation.

 Having now had a pretty decent night’s sleep, 6-7 hours straight through the night, I have maintained my personal goal of drafting a new poem every day for over a month since starting Trazodone. I am still wildly creative, thinking of and tackling new projects daily. 

When I was so fatigued from not sleeping, I made it to workouts two or three times per week because I desperately needed the boost that gave me. Now, I am able to tackle updating my poetry website and correcting software issues if needed. I post new poems daily to my website and also post them to Facebook. 

This is really a BIG deal as prior to a month ago, I had what some of you may recognize as a serious case of ‘Lackawanna.’ I just did not have the energy to do much of anything. 

Just recently, I spent two and half hours researching medical journals online to find out what I could about Parkinson’s and systemic inflammation. I struck gold quickly. Two key supplements have shown promise in reducing or eliminating systemic inflammation: Krill Oil (I found Antarctic Krill Oil to be highly recommended) and Alpha-Lipoic Acid (Thorne Medical Labs is highly recommended) 600-1800 MG per day 

This is remarkable information that my neurologist or any other physician had discussed. I am eager to see how these two supplements will reduce systemic and chronic inflammation in my hands, hips, legs, and feet. 

My affirmation remains I am bold in the present moment! I have so much to look forward to and now with the new supplements added, I can more easily envision a time soon when I may be able to return to Rock Steady Boxing™.

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