05 Aug

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                                            August 5, 2022  

Somehow, time continues to fly by. I find I have not written here since June 18, 2022. Perhaps having just hit my two-year Parkinson's diagnosis anniversary, there is not much left to say. 

My old friend expectation has once again slapped me up the side of my head and left me feeling quite disappointed. Initially, Early-Stage Parkinson's sounded like something I could tackle head on by remaining positive and fighting the good fight like so many do when facing challenges. 

Two years ago, I jumped into Rock Steady Boxing™ and enjoyed the challenge as best as I could for about a year and a half, off and on. I even added in Water Aerobics twice per week. I gained so much from engaging in these activities about five times total per week until I was no longer able due to pain and stiffness in my hips, legs, and hands. 

Of course, in addition to the obvious benefits of exercise, there was the social aspect of being with other Parkinson's folks which helped me feel that I was not alone. I have sorely missed that connection since being unable to exercise the past six months. 

During this time, I have consulted my neurologist, an orthopedic physician, and a pain management physician as well. Suffice it to say that with a Nerve Ablation in my low back, an Epidural Nerve Block in my neck and now finally an increase in the dosage of Carbidopa Levodopa, I am finally feeling some relief including a substantial decrease in pain and increase in mobility. 

Finally, the light I see ahead is not an oncoming train but a potential way shower to brighter days again. This afternoon, I will attempt walking laps in the pool to at least get me moving again. 

Next up is four to five weeks of the LSVT BIG Parkinson's program with both a Physical and Occupational therapy routine that I will be able to use ongoing at home as well. 

Assuming this all goes well; I plan a slow return to a moderate Rock Steady Boxing™ routine mid to late September. Perhaps my other old friend, Hope, has returned after all.

(c)Paul Goldman August 5, 2022

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