14 Dec

Shaky Foot Wisdom 


Time Flies on the Wings of a Sparrow 

December 14, 2021 

Most mornings I follow the goings on of the tiny sparrow outside the living room sliding door. This morning she has forgotten her watch, yet time continues to fly on the wings of a sparrow. As it turns out time is just what I have needed, whether moving slow or fast. 

Trigger fingers have begun to heal sufficient to the point that I have returned to Rock Steady Boxing™. The solace this brings is significant. I just feel better in mind, body, and spirit from again attending these sessions three times a week. All I need do is be sure to wrap my individual fingers including thumbs with athletic tape prior to putting my boxing gloves on. So far, so good. 

Parkinson’s is less a kick in the head when I am more active. I have even begun writing ecstatic poetry more often again, though the now faraway dream of writing daily has also flown on the wings of a sparrow.

To my great surprise, this morning’s checking on my website email brought another order of my published poetry books and Spoken Word CD. This kind person ordered one each of my five books and one copy of my Spoken Word CD. Wonderful to know that folks are still responding to my collected works from the past twelve years. 

Knowing that I am not in control of the flight of time, brings me joy!

[photo by Sami Nakahira ]

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