26 Nov

Shaky Foot Wisdom 


Two Weeks In, Miles to Go 

Two weeks in and physical therapy continues on trigger finger on both hands. Steady progress is taking the time it will take. I remain eager to return to Rock Steady Boxing™ and in anticipation of this, I ordered a t-shirt that says I Am Rock Steady. 

After having eight months ago finally retiring for good from my last part-time job, I am less often fantasizing about going back to work for I have, in hindsight, realized that I could no longer multitask at the speed of light anymore. 

Though group exercise accomplished the dual goal of getting me moving more and also getting me a break from just being at home, I am not there yet. What to do with my time remains a work in progress. In the past, I could channel energy in my free time with daily writing of poetry or even prose. That too has shifted from daily inspiration to twice a week sitting at the computer keyboard with fingers ready to write. 

On the good days, I am able to look at my Parkinson’s path by comparing what is the same and what is different. I still like to laugh, just not as often. I enjoy reading and the time I want to devote myself to this is much less. Prior to Parkinson’s, I was always ready to socialize and find new things to do and unusual places to go. Now, when it comes time to go, I usually do not feel that I have enough energy to enjoy myself. 

n many ways this looking at same and different, takes me back to my daily gratitude practice whereby I am continually reminded what I still have, not what I have lost.

(photo by Jennifer Grover)

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