A Crack

   A Crack

                      “There is a crack, a crack in                                       


                        that’s how the light gets in”                                     

                      ~Leonard Cohen, Anthem, November 1972

 It begins again,  

at first a single crack, 

foretelling of noteworthy 

news on the horizon, 

then, as time rips by 

at Hyperloop speed, 

new cracks appear, 

each one brighter 

than the one before, 

as if the unshakable 

dark is only a few 

cracks shy of surrendering 

all things that go bump 

in the night. For by now, 

the light, the inexorable 

light, can no longer 

be denied.

  ©Paul Goldman August 13, 2022

[Owl Watcher #aiart via NightCafe by Paul Goldman]

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