A Historical Perspective


 A Historical Perspective 

Both the walk-in closet 

and the nightstand drawers 

could not be ignored any longer. 

My wife was the instigator divine, 

resplendent in her spelunker’s 

hat complete with forehead 

lamp to light up our way. 

On this day, treasures were found 

among the gravel and scrabble, 

writings from twenty years ago, 

a choice few that still held jewels of light, 

and photos of important milestones. 

There I was at fifty-three years old, 

having just gained a half-sleeve 

Buddha tattoo, in another blissed 

out, at the midway point of a Warrior 

Monk weekend and finally, the oldest 

photo now over thirty-two years ago, 

as an extra on the movie Article 99. 

We sipped each memory as if 

the finest vintage wine, 

until our hearts were full 

and nearly drunk.   

©Paul Goldman April 24, 2022

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