Back in the Canyon Again

Back in the Canyon Again 

The fire’s embers turn to ash, 

you and I have been singing 

canyon songs all night long. 

All around us is another remarkable 

dawn, painting the desert sky burnt orange 

and the deepest blue. 

Throughout the cool of night, 

sister owl had been singing too, 

from her Saguaro cactus burrow, 

her owlets nestled in her vibrant wing. 

You and I feel as secure

as those owlets here in our desert 

refuge.  We stir the ashes, 

rise to our feet, refreshed 

now, eager to begin our journey, 

back in the canyon again, 

our ears eager to rest 

against the canyon walls,

to hear again the canyon’s 

song once more.

(c)Paul Goldman April 29, 2022

[photograph by Peter Tellone]

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