Back in the Chapel Again

Back in the Chapel Again            

              (For Eric)  

Here we were again, high 

atop our speckled ponies,

vulnerable Warriors 

all, ready to do battle 

with the fiercest 

opponent that ever 

showed their face,

ourselves. No man 

this night showed 

any fear or trepidation 

about engaging the 

part of himself 

that he had repressed, 

denied, or hidden away 

in a rusty cage.

By end of this evening 

with arms around each 

other’s shoulders, we could not hold back 

any longer the ecstatic 

wild joy and love 

that had burst free, 

back in the chapel 

again. Our voices

raised in unison, we began 

to sing, back in the chapel 

again, oh it is so wonderful, 

just to be back in the chapel again.


©Paul Goldman April 6, 2022

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