Come to Jesus Meeting

Come to Jesus Meeting

Mack could no longer deny 

what his eyes saw at the end 

of the alley, Maggie attending 

to Jake’s wounds, and yes

 Louis too, looking somehow 

even better than the last time 

they saw him. 

Jake weakened by blood loss, 

held the forty-five in his limp hand, 

as Mack finally stood before him, 

his thirty-eight-resting firm 

in his strong right hand. 

Mack’s resolve faded quickly 

when locking eyes with Maggie. 

Then, even more, as Louis began to preach, 

reminding Mack, Maggie, and Jake 

of their mutual bond, of how 

each was beholding to the multitude 

of blessings found in their trinity. 

Mack knelt beside Maggie and Jake, 

murmuring amends and recompense.

There would be no violence this night. 

It ended here and now. As he turned 

to thank Louis, the faint wisps 

retreating into the white light 

was all he saw.

©Paul Goldman May 6, 2022

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