Does God Sing in the Shower?

Does God Sing in the Shower? 

While showering the other day, 

I began to hear angelic music

being sung from beyond the 

shower curtain. 

Given my immediate delight 

at the song being song, I turned 

off the shower for a moment 

to see if my cellphone

had begun to play music 

on its own. Silence. 

Turned on the shower 

once more, still again 

I heard the angelic song. 

I wondered, does God

sing in the shower? 

When hopping one leg 

over than another to climb 

out of the tub, now with the 

shower off, the lovely lilt of voices 

ethereal arose. 

Standing at the sink, 

I picked up the cellphone 

to put it up to my ear. 

Nothing. Then I thought 

if God and these angels 

had arranged this composition 

for me, I might as well

listen, even deeper still.

©Paul Goldman March 31, 2022

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