Doing a 180 in a 55 MPH Zone

Doing a 180 in a 55 MPH Zone 

I had been going in a full circle 

until the moment—when I could not, 

only to rediscover the circuitous 

route that had me trapped, 

was no longer valid. 

Deciphering this like another

illiterate hieroglyphic 

adorning the sarcophagus 

of my feigned sleeping, 

I deduced that there must 

exist a better mode of travel. 

Through the thoroughfare of sound 

sleep, and by reducing the turns 

 in a full circle, I found myself again, 

doing a 180 in a 55 MPH zone. 

Everything changed in that instant, 

who I am, what I now believed, 

and how I was to conduct myself 

through life’s equanimous turns.

©Paul Goldman May 1, 2022

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