If They Come for My Guns

If They Come for My Guns

If they come for my guns, I

have none. 

If they come for my money,

I have none. 

However, if they come 

for these ecstatic words 

coalesced into poems 

of wild joy, then

that is another matter.

For all my consonants 

and vowels will immediately 

get in quite a rambunctious 

uproar. Though their 

armament may be simile, 

metaphor and alliteration, 

each will come at you with 

fiery words ablaze.

Remember, you may come 

for my guns and money, 

of which I have none. 

But when you come 

for my individual poems 

of ecstatic wild joy, 

you just might be starting 

something that you are 

ill equipped to handle.

Fair warning now is given.

©Paul Goldman April 5, 2022

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