Me and My Gravitational Field

Me and My Gravitational Field 

When I watched a neuroscientist 

cogently explain the specific functions 

of mind and brain, a proverbial light 

bulb shone and a Pavlovian bell 

did ring.

I jumped up and shouted

to nobody, I knew this well, 

how could I have forgotten

for so long? 

The brain is the physical part of

our anatomy that does the mind’s 

bidding.  Mind is the thinking, 

feeling, choosing part of us, 

capable of processing 

four hundred million bits 

of information per second. 

The more the neuroscientist 

discussed, the clearer it became. 

I am to engage in a new life 

mission, not as stellar as as 

sending astronauts to Mars, 

yet far reaching in the arena 

of human (and this human

in particular) development. 

I have hired the contractor (me) 

and I have found the ideal location 

to build my home, the gravitational 

field that surrounds me.  I need 

construct no temple nor walls, 

only the hallowed halls of 

thinking, feeling, and choosing, 

empowering me to create 

how I interact (respond) with (to) 

the events or people, that come 

within spitting distance to 

me and my gravitational field.

©Paul Goldman July 13, 2022

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