Might I Borrow a Fresh Piece of Light?

Might I Borrow Tonight a Fresh Piece of Light?

"I am a swimming galaxy tonight. Angels prowl around me

 hoping I will toss them a fresh piece of light--"

 ~Meister Eckhart

Might I borrow tonight 

a fresh piece of light? 

Surely any act of kindness

pales in comparison 

to this precious gift 

freely given to another. 

Once I had erased 

a lifetime’s myth 

of lack, I found 

an inexhaustible supply 

of light lay within me. 

Assured that sharing 

simply a piece of light 

with a dear friend 

depletes nothing, 

I vowed to freely giveaway 

the immeasurable, 

inseparable light 

that I am. In return, 

wanting not, I 

sought nothing.

©Paul Goldman June 4, 2022

[NASA Hubble image]

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