Mournful Song of Morning

Mournful Song of Morning

The bamboo flute notes arise,

a mournful melody to rest quiet

as I sit at the riverbank watching

the water ripple with both good

and evil intentions affecting

the peaceful flow this morning.

Keenly recalling how the butterfly effect

demonstrates how a slight change in one state

can result in significant differences in a later state.

I am aware again that you and I, individually

and collectively, are the multicolored

wings of butterflies whose flapping

will counteract the bombs dropping

in Ukraine.

We must sit by our own water's edge

to listen deeply to all the notes  being

sung, for this mournful song of morning

is arising to overcome the vacuous

tide of destruction.  Listen to the

song being sung, keep flapping

your beautiful wings--

observe how substantially the ripples change.

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