Nary A Minute to Spare

     Nary A Minute to Spare 

Our eyes stare straight ahead, 

like a former heavyweight champ 

waiting for the next incoming blow, 

to rock our senses bloody. 

Damn straight, there is nary 

a minute to spare. We must 

realize the precious plight 

we are in the midst of, 

and decide in this one stellar

moment to embrace 

the possibility of mutual peace 

between country, nation states 

and, especially each other. 

Nary a minute to spare, 

before this whole threadbare 

world comes undone. 

Embrace peace. 

Embrace each other, 

for there is nary 

a minute to spare.

©Paul Goldman May 31, 2022

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©Paul Goldman May 31, 2022©Paul Goldman May 31, 2022

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