Not a Single Line of Demarcation

Not a Single Line of Demarcation 

Last night I dreamed of floating

in space, high above our planet, 

Earth. From this vantage point 

true, there is not a single line

of demarcation. 

Here, there are no boundaries, 

no countries, no nation states, 

no geopolitical grievances 

to settle.  There is only 

this striking evidence 

that we are not meant to 

go it alone. To the contrary,

it is clear that if we look beneath 

our genus Homo Sapiens skinsuit, 

deep down into a molecular world, 

we find our very chains of DNA 

to be as if we are the same one, 

no different from another, other 

than eye, hair, and skin color.

 In my dream last night, I floated 

high above Earth, and witnessed 

not a single line of demarcation

shown around our gleaming planetary 


©Paul Goldman August 8, 2022

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