One Seedling

       One Seedling 

Planted in the fertile soil 

at my birth, I am but one 

of many disparate souls, 

yearning and learning 

how to grow together. 

Though collectively we 

outnumber those who chose 

the weeded path to pursue lives 

of avarice and self-interest, 

each seedling is called upon, 

in this moment, 

to follow nature’s design encoded 

in each one’s DNA. 

Arise seedlings, arise, 

feel how deeply your roots 

are connected one to another, 

claim your birthright, turn 

your deep green petals 

toward a waiting sun, 

to alert the other seedlings, 

that there is yet time, time 

to nurture, time to heal, 

time to blossom together.

©Paul Goldman May 21, 2022

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