She's Come Undone

            She’s come Undone

                   “It’s too late                          

                    She’s gone too far                           

                    She’s lost the sun                           

                    She’s come undone”                         

                    ~Guess Who 

On winded wing, she has flown 

too high, let go of all earthly 

tethers, even that which she 

knew as herself is returned 

in the fire’s ash to whence 

it came, dust to dust, a single 

drop to the ocean. 

She’s birthed an elemental 

change within; she has become 

Earth, Water, Air, Fire. 

She’s come undone. 

It’s too late, no turning back, 

only accelerating her search 

to find the Sun, she’s come 


©Paul Goldman August 31, 2022

[#aiart via NightCafe, She's Come Undone by Paul Goldman

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