Spells of Katerina

Spells of Katerina 

Katerina came to me from 

the island of Skyros, 

though I would not 

discover that until 

years later. 

Her backstory remained 

as unknown as the spells 

she cast from near 

and faraway.

I would know whenever 

Katerina’s spirit was near, 

as the scent of island 

sea lavender filled 

my senses, taking me

on a journey back, 

across space and time,

to a place I had never 

been. If what follows 

happened only once,

it could be written off 

as a mere chance event. 

Yet, every time was new 

and fresh, as I watched 

once more, the walls 

of impossibility crumble 

beneath the heady 

weight of fate. For this 

remarkable life, I give 

all credit due,

to the Spells of Katerina.

©Paul Goldman May 18, 2022

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