Spent Magician

         Spent Magician 

I went to see the magician 

again today. Her potions 

had all gone dry and sour, 

mystic to wisps of powder 

were all that was left, 

newt’s eye gone blind, 

trimmings of fly wings 

now broken. There 

would be no taking flight 

here today. Grounded, 

I sat with the one-eyed 

Cat singing songs together 

about the last time we saw 

Jesus in Cell Block C, 

He was a cool dude, 

a true Middle Eastern 

blue-eyed Black man. 

Cat seemed lonely, 

figured it could not hurt, 

me and Cat headed for 

a higher ground, 

where magic 

just might 

still live.

©Paul Goldman June 22, 2022

[NightCafe AI image by Paul Goldman, Awakening]

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