The Ecstatic Dance of Creaton

The Ecstatic Dance of Creation



Practice seven prostrations 

to the One, 108 counts, bead by bead, 

of the mantra for compassion, 

Om Mani Padme Hum, 

and say yes to impermanence, 

to the ultimate dissolving of ego.                         


Follow each breath to the root,

go beyond each breath to the breath 

beneath the breath and the next… 


Dropping in deeper and deeper 

still, to each quantum particle 

of your body, feeling the connection 

of atom to atom within you, 

outside of you, see yourself 

colliding with quarks and leptons 

careening off each other, attracted, 

repulsed, dancing the ecstatic dance 

of creation.

©Paul Goldman May 16, 2022

[NASA Hubble Telescope image]

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